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Rumour: No Man's Sky Delayed

Whisper whisper

"Psst. Psst!" Oh lord, here is again, Ian Video Games come to disturb your quiet afternoon pint. He shoots you a wink and sidles up. "No Man's Sky?" he asks, leaning in to tapping his nose conspiratorially. "NOT Man's Sky more like! Wait... NO Man's Sky more like! Wait. I mean... NONE Man's Sky? LATER Man's Sky! If you catch my drift."

The latest juicy rumour whirling around is that No Man's Sky [official site], the gorgeous procedural sandbox universe from Hello Games, has been delayed. It was due in June but now... sorry, Ian's just jabbed himself in the eye doing all that nose-tapping. I'll fetch the first aid kit then get back to you in a sec.

Okay! So! Several sources told Kotaku that No Man's sky will not make its June 21st release date. One of their sources works at GameStop, which is a bit like Tesco but they sell video games, and says they've been ordered to cover up the release date on marketing odds and ends with "Coming soon" stickers. I've seen some folks who work at other GameStops say they've received no such thing, mind. The other snitch is "a reliable Kotaku source" who, well, could be our Ian for all I know. Supposedly the game will be pushed into July or August.

That's what the rumours say, anyway. No official public response yet.

In the meantime, why not check out Pip's preview from a few months ago?

If it is delayed, hey, I can wait: I've barely scratched the surface of Norman's Sky.

[Disclosure: I was once pals with someone who works at Hello Games but we've drifted apart. It wasn't a falling-out or anything. Just time and distance, man. Must I lay my soul BARE to you?]

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