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Jalopy: Back Seat Driving And The Remains Of Uncle

Alice isn't here to remind me what "news" is so I'm going to tell you about something which I find infinitely entertaining about Jalopy [official site]. It's nothing to do with the game itself and everything to do with the ongoing development Q&A Greg from MinskWorks is running in relation to the game.

It's the back seat. The back seat has been the focus of so many questions that at this point it would be the first thing I would suggest for a Jalopy Q&A drinking game. There's been the ongoing drip drip drip of questions asking whether the back seat be used for something. But THEN that transitioned into questions/suggestions about how to use the back seat so that people stop asking whether they can use the back seat for something and now, finally, with the addition of filler objects in the back seat to block it off as of 25 July, my favourite question of all:

What is the junk in the backseat for? Why did you block the backseat, or is there a secret purpose for like hiding stuff from border patrol? I would really like to use the back bench seat for smuggling, but only like 2 or 3 small items can fit?

The question of the back seat has expanded well beyond just a repeated question to be sequestered away in an FAQ and then ignored to being an ongoing comedic delight.

I actually have my own theory about the junk in the back seat, by the way. It's that the rolls of fabric in the back of the Laika are linked to the removal of your uncle as a chatty passenger as you drive to Dresden...

Jalopy back seat

Jalopy back seat

Jalopy back seat

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