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Jings! Mighty No. 9 Is More Than Kickstarted

Crowd-fund of joy

Just like that time when I was a bairn and predicted the internet by placing our house phone on top of my Etch-A-Sketch (the Etch-A-Sketch had a scribble of a cat on it), I also predicted that Mighty No. 9 would easily achieve its Kickstarter goal. The side-scrolling action platform from Keiji Inafune, the creator of Mega Man, launched a hunt for crowd-funds just over two weeks ago, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to see how my prediction skills were doing. Wowsers. It currently sits at $2,173,615* of the $900,000 goal, and I'm now two for two prediction-wise. Now where's my TV deal?

That amount drags the game past "Madesville" and into the uncharted lands of "Stretchtopia". Generous backers have funded the basic game of shape-changing robotic platforming, and now have two more stages, Mac and Linux versions (it still tickles me that those were funded before the console versions), new game plus & turbo modes, a making of documentary, and boss rush mode. The funds are currently hovering just beneath PS3 and 360 versions. My new prediction is that those will be funded, and it'll earn about four million. That should get us all an additional co-op mode, as well as currently unlisted treats.

Bonus! Here's the panel where Mighty No 9 was first revealed.

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*This will have changed by the time this is posted.

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