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Join the RPS VidBuds live to chat about all the PC gaming news this week!

Live and kicking on a Monday night

Our charming and knowledgeable VidBuds are beaming live, direct to your living room (providing your living room has some way to access YouTube) once again this week, with the second episode of their new regular show, The PC Gaming Weekspot!

Let the lovely lads keep you company while you eat your dinner, as they chew over all the week's most interesting PC gaming news. This time that includes live reactions to any news to come out of Cyberpunk 2077's second Night City Wire (which also aired tonight), Rocksteady's teasing of a new Suicide Squad game, and the Baldur's Gate 3 delay - plus much more! And you can watch it all right here on dear old RPS, right now at 6pm BST!

Personally I am most looking forwards to eeryone's favourite quiz, Mystery Steam Reviews, returning to test the Vidbuds, but of course they'll be taking questions and chatting with you, the viewers, for the whole show.

Watch on YouTube

Matthew and Colm will also be talking about the games they've been playing this week, their thoughts on Horizon Zero Dawn's PC port, and the phenomenon that is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Also, they hope to be chatting to a very special guest at the end of the show, so make sure to stick around. If, by any chance, you miss it, you can still watch the archive of the stream here.

I can't recommend our YouTube channel enough, really, so if you're not already you should head over to subscribe. That way, you'll never miss another episode of the Weekspot, and neither will you miss their other regular series, The Bastard Run. Currently they are playing an all-evil version of Obsidian's fun space RPG The Outer Worlds. They are hammering a lot of people.

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