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Jupiter Hell celebrates its impending early access exit with a surprising new trailer

A rogue Doom appears

Jupiter Hell, a game that sprang from the corpse of Doom the Roguelike, is exiting early access in August. Though the game’s predecessor took nearly 20 years of development, the rebranded roguelike needed only two years to complete. The final push will add the big boss of the game, and includes Mark Meer, aka Commander Shepard, as the main character.

Cover image for YouTube videoJupiter Hell cinematic trailer

That trailer to celebrate its imminent early access exit was surprising, and you can’t tell me otherwise. The game has picked up a lot of additions on its trip to release, turning Doom’s run-and-gun carnage into a slow and steady turn-based stalk through the facility. It’s a place where you have to check every corner, examine every weapon, and even search through an enemy's viscera for character boosting relics. Perks let you define a character with weapon and armour customisation, adding things like auto-reloads every turn, better tracking, and even stealth.

The biggest addition is the final level, Dante Station, which won an award for "The Most Portentous Station Name 2021". I'm not privy to what roams the corridors there, but I do know it'll also include a new boss.

If the main campaign’s dungeoneering runs dry, a number of other modes are coming, too. Trials let you craft specific challenges to beat, Arena is a wave-based battler, Endless mode stitches random stages together for as long as you can carry on through them, and Classic mode removes the story from the game.

It's been a fun couple of years. The game did early access properly, with regular, chunky updates and a clear goal in mind. After nearly two years to the day, it’ll be out on August 5th.

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