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Just Cause 4 vid shows 19 minutes of sandbox shenanigans


A new 19-minute gameplay video of Just Cause 4 shows the devs larking about flying, gliding, shooting, detonating, turning a tank into an airship using balloons, and somehow repurposing a radar tower as a car-launching catapult. Sure, our boy Brendy has told us about some of this foolishness before but now I've seen it for myself and... what a silly murderous sandbox this is. Wonderfully so. This here new video is also a recording of Avalanche's presentation during Gamescom in August, so I suppose you can use it to pretend you're a games journo too. For best effect, watch after waking up face-down in a pile of Monster cans and XL BMX XXX t-shirts.

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That's JC4 game director Francesco Antolini gabbing away there while producer Bryan Rodriquez is playing. I don't know why the video keeps cutting away to shots of the crowd--it's fine, I believe that this is a real live demo and wouldn't care if it wasn't--but that sure is a lot of good tomfoolery. I am into that tomfoolery.

Ballooning rando citizens into the sky seems mean, though. At least Big Boss promises three square meals, a zoo, and friendly roughhousing when he balloons you away to Mother Base.

Just Cause 4 is due to launch on December 4th. It'll cost £45/€60/$60 on Steam.

The studios of Avalanche are mighty busy these days, also working with id Software on Rage 2 and making their own Generation Zero, an open-world shooter set in Swedish countryside infested with robots.

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