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Katamari Damacy Reroll comes rolling on home today

Roll up, roll up, for the greatest ball on earth!

Katamari Damacy Reroll is out on PC, and all about little things becoming large, rolling their way through obstacles that looked impossible moments prior. Let's give the diminutive Prince Of All Cosmos a hand, because his PC debut feels so very small compared to yesterday's awards silliness and today's Smash Bros overload. Together, with a little push, we can make it big - John reviewed it yesterday, and had a thoroughly lovely time with it. You probably will too, as Katamari is like a poncho - it's impossible to be unhappy playing it. The launch trailer is rolling by below.

Some games are just good for the soul. Katamari Damacy isn't especially hard or deep, but it's a constant stream of silly sight gags wrapped up in a clever shell that very few have imitated since. It's moreish and large, like snarfing a huge bag of popcorn all by yourself only without the vague sense of guilt afterwards. The series also has universally brilliant music - offbeat, cheerful Japanese weirdness - that you'll probably be humming at inappropriate moments for months to come. It's just a big ol' clump of good vibes, and finding a new home on PC thanks to new developer Monkeycraft.

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While you'll obviously want a modern twin-analogue controller to play this (it was designed specifically around that control setup), a quick correspondence with some pals and the Steam forums suggests the PC version is in rude health. If there's anything to complain about, it's that they've just chosen the original game in the series to remaster, instead of the more wildly creative later ones. No rolling up the entire universe for us yet, but I guess you need to start small if you want to make something big. Here's hoping for the PS3 and Vita games with all the DLC included later.

Katamari Damacy Reroll is out now on Steam and Humble for £16/€20/$30, and published by Bandai Namco.

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