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How to destroy Hay Piles in Kena: Bridge Of Spirits

Here's how to clear Hay Piles in Kena: Bridge Of Spirits, and why it's important

Wondering what to do with Hay Piles in Kena: Bridge Of Spirits? You'll find Hay Piles scattered about various areas of the Kena: Bridge Of Spirits map, and it's very unclear at first glance what you're meant to do about them. And it is important that you do something, because sometimes these Hay Piles must be cleared in order to reveal something valuable inside, such as a Rot to add to your growing army of adorable spirits.

Learn how to destroy Hay Piles in Kena: Bridge Of Spirits below!

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How to collect Rot inside Hay Piles in Kena: Bridge Of Spirits

If you see a Hay Pile in Kena: Bridge Of Spirits with some glowing particles floating from the top of it, that means there's something beneath that Hay Pile - nothing as large as Spirit Mail or a Meditation Spot, but more likely a Rot to collect. The only way you can get to that Rot is by clearing the Hay Pile. But how do you do it? These are just about the strongest Hay Piles ever to exist in a game; they're resistant to light, heavy, and charged melee attacks, along with attacks from your Spirit Bow, and even your Spirit Bomb.

Here's the answer: to destroy Hay Piles, you need to use a Forest Tear. If you see a Hay Pile, there's always gonna be a Forest Tear not too far away. Activate the Forest Tear to temporarily return the Rot to their powerful true form, and then move the Rot over to the Hay Pile and have them attack it with either a spin or a slam attack. This will obliterate the Hay Pile, allowing you to find what is buried beneath it. If something goes wrong, don't worry - the Forest Tear is resuable, so just go back and try again.

It's worth noting that not every Hay Pile has something hidden inside. Many are empty. But this information is definitely worth noting for the times where the Hay Pile is actually hiding something noteworthy such as a new Rot. As you'll know if you've read our Kena: Bridge Of Spirits abilities and upgrades walkthrough, it's important to grow your number of Rot over time because it allows you to unlock greater powers to use in combat. So breaking Hay Piles is actually important after all! How about that?

Kena: Bridge Of Spirits: Kena looks at the Rot on her shoulder.

That wraps up this quick how-to on clearing out those pesky Hay Piles in Kena: Bridge Of Spirits. While you're here, you could also check out our list of top Kena: Bridge Of Spirits tips and tricks.

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