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How to unlock the Spirit Bow in Kena: Bridge Of Spirits

Here's where you can get the Bow in Kena: Bridge Of Spirits

Wondering how to unlock the bow in Kena: Bridge Of Spirits? The bow is an extremely useful part of Kena's toolkit, not only as a powerful weapon but also as a traversal tool, as it can be used as a grappling hook when fired at particular blue flowers dotted about the landscape of Kena: Bridge Of Spirits. Read on to find out where, when, and how to unlock the bow so you can get it as quickly as possible.

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How to unlock the bow in Kena: Bridge Of Spirits

If you've read our spoiler-free primer on how long it takes to beat Kena: Bridge Of Spirits, you'll know that the game is divided roughly into three "Acts". The good news is that you will unlock the bow a short way into the first Act. All you need to do is follow the main story, which will see you being led through the forest by twins Saiya and Beni on a search for their missing brother, Taro.

Quite early on in your search, the twins will tell you to go find someone called Rusu, who lives in their lookout at the top of some cliffs. Cue a lot of climbing and battling of monsters - including one particular boss fight against a Kappa in a cave. If you reach this point, you're about to unlock the bow.

Once you've defeated the Kappa, ascend the lift out of the cave and you'll be brought to the top of the cliffs. Follow Saiya and Beni and you'll encounter Rusu, who in a beautiful cutscene will teach you how to harness your powers to turn your spirit guide's staff into a bow which can fire energy arrows.

Kena: Bridge Of Spirits: Kena aims her bow at an enemy.

After the cutscene you'll immediately get a chance to try out your newfound bow skills in a series of target practice tests that Rusu has set up for you. You only have a certain number of shots with the Bow, but they replenish quite quickly both in and out of combat. And as you might imagine, the longer you hold down the aim button, the more powerful and accurate the shot becomes.

Once you reach this point in the game, you'll also gain access to a new set of powers relating to the bow, which you can spend Karma to unlock. Check out our walkthrough of the different abilities in Kena: Bridge Of Spirits for full details. Another powerful use for the Bow is that you can fire them at blue flowers and they'll pull you towards them, allowing you to reach new areas filled with hidden collectibles such as Spirit Mail and Rot Hats. For more information be sure to check out our Kena: Bridge Of Spirits map of collectible locations.

That wraps up this quick how-to on unlocking the bow in Kena: Bridge Of Spirits. If you want more general advice on bettering your skills in the game, check out our Kena: Bridge Of Spirits tips and tricks. Or if you're about to start a new game, be sure to consult our guide on the various difficulty levels.

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