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Kena: Bridge Of Spirits Hats: all 51 Rot Hats and their prices revealed

Here's the full selection of Hats available in Kena: Bridge Of Spirits

Looking for a list of all the Hats in Kena: Bridge Of Spirits? Yes, you can find Hats for your bouncy little spirit friends in Kena: Bridge Of Spirits, and you can purchase these hats at Hat Carts in order to dress your Rot army up exactly how you'd like. Have you ever heard of anything so sickeningly adorable? I sure haven't.

Below you'll be able to take a look at every single Rot Hat in the game, along with their cost in Gems and some information on how these cosmetic items can be procured at a Hat Cart.

Kena: Bridge Of Spirits Hats list

Below is a screenshot of all 51 Rot Hats in Kena: Bridge Of Spirits, so you can see what each hat looks like while worn by a Rot.

A compilation of every Rot Hat in Kena: Bridge Of Spirits.

Here are the names of each Rot Hat, along with their cost in Gems:

  1. Autumn: 10 Gems
  2. Pot: 10 Gems
  3. Baseball: 10 Gems
  4. Mushroom: 10 Gems
  5. Whirly Bird: 10 Gems
  6. Butterfly: 10 Gems
  7. Beetle: 10 Gems
  8. Ladybird: 10 Gems
  9. Feather: 10 Gems
  10. Acorn: 10 Gems
  11. Stinky Fruit: 10 Gems
  12. Flower: 10 Gems
  13. Pinecone: 10 Gems
  14. Purple Mushroom: 10 Gems
  15. Yellow Mushroom: 10 Gems
  16. Clover: 10 Gems
  17. Bow: 10 Gems
  18. Egg: 10 Gems
  19. Cowboy: 25 Gems
  20. Pumpkin: 25 Gems
  21. Sunflower: 25 Gems
  22. Bird's Nest: 25 Gems
  23. Squash: 25 Gems
  24. Sun: 25 Gems
  25. Star: 25 Gems
  26. Crown: 25 Gems
  27. Pancake: 25 Gems
  28. Halo: 25 Gems
  29. Deer: 100 Gems
  30. Fishing: 100 Gems
  31. Frog: 100 Gems
  32. Taro: 100 Gems
  33. Cat: 100 Gems
  34. Dog: 100 Gems
  35. Fox: 100 Gems
  36. Bunny: 100 Gems
  37. Samurai: 100 Gems
  38. Mask: 100 Gems
  39. Ox: 500 Gems, only 1 can be purchased
  40. Taro's Mask: 500 Gems, only 1 can be purchased
  41. Hana's Mask: 500 Gems, only 1 can be purchased
  42. Adira's Mask: 500 Gems, only 1 can be purchased
  43. Toshi's Mask: 500 Gems, only 1 can be purchased
  44. Sibling's Mask: 500 Gems, only 2 can be purchased
  45. Rusu's Mask: 500 Gems, only 1 can be purchased
  46. Zajuro's Mask: 500 Gems, only 1 can be purchased
  47. Hunter: 500 Gems, only 1 can be purchased
  48. Mask Maker: 500 Gems, only 1 can be purchased
  49. Warrior: 500 Gems, only 1 can be purchased
  50. Dinosaur: 500 Gems, only 1 can be purchased
  51. Unicorn: 1000 Gems, only 1 can be purchased
Kena: Bridge Of Spirits: Kena discovers a new Hat Cart location.

Hat Carts explained

Hats can be found in chests and all sorts of other secret areas dotted about the landscape of Kena: Bridge Of Spirits. If you want help finding them all, be sure to check out our Kena: Bridge Of Spirits map and collectible locations walkthrough. It'll definitely help speed up how long it takes to beat the game if you're a completionist.

Once you've discovered a new Rot Hat, you can head to one of the Hat Carts in the world in order to purchase them for your Rot. Each Hat costs a certain number of Gems to purchase. Most of the Hats can be worn by multiple Rot at once, but the rarest and most expensive Hats on offer can only be bought once or twice, which means you'll sadly never be able to dress up all your Rot at once as dinosaurs or unicorns, no matter how indescribably rich you become.

The good news is that once you collect all of the above Hats, you'll unlock Hat Collector - one of the 41 achievements in Kena: Bridge Of Spirits. Plus it makes your Rot even more adorable. As if they weren't adorable enough already. They may not give you tangible benefits like Meditation Spots and Spirit Mail do, but these cosmetic items are well worth hunting down just for the cuteness factor.

A collection of Rot wearing Rot Hats and smiling at the camera in Kena: Bridge Of Spirits.

That wraps up this guide on the 51 different Rot Hats in Kena: Bridge Of Spirits and how much each of them costs. To hunt down all these Hats you'll need to be well-prepared, as you'll often be trekking into dangerous territories filled with boss fights and other encounters that can easily spell the end for you on higher difficulty levels. Read up on the best path through Kena's ability upgrades tree and how to unlock the Spirit Bow to help prepare yourself. And for more general wisdom for beginners, check out our Kena: Bridge Of Spirits tips and tricks page.

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