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Kerbal Space Program first expansion blasts off in March


Space catastrophe simulator Kerbal Space Program will launch its first expansion on March 13th, the developers announced today. 'Making History' is a clever little name combining the expansion's two big features: a Mission Builder to make your own missions; and a load of spaceship pieces and missions inspired by real-world historical space exploration. I can't imagine what those might be, given that Kerbal's sandbox already leads to replicating most of the human history of space travel and the little it doesn't mostly involves dead animals, but sometimes it is nice to have someone lay out a goal for you. As promised, the expansion will be given free to players who bought Kerbal early enough.

The Mission Builder will let players create missions with a range of objectives and events, which the devs say include "launches, landings, rescues, malfunctions, explosions, repairs, and much more". Or, you know, you'll be able to download missions other players have made for you - and compare your spaceskills through scores.

Making History will cost £10/€13/$15 when it arrives on March 13th. I'd half-thought this came out a while back, seeing as it was announced in March 2017, but nope. As promised back in the day, this--and any other future expansions--will be given free to people who bought Kerbal before April 2013.

Kerbal's update 1.4 is coming too. Its changes will include spaceship parts like a new engine and new decouplers, bug fixes, and new localisations to German, Italian, French, and Brazilian Portugeuse.

Kerbal Space Program is owned by Take-Two these days and published by the megacorp's 'indie label' Private Division, because the future is weird. But it is still made by creators Squad.

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