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Kero Blaster Hops Onto Steam

Amphibious frolics

Although initially released on PCs and mobile cellular telephones last year, Daisuke 'Cave Story' Amaya's Kero Blaster [official site] has now hopped onto Steam. That's right, hopped. Because there's a frog in it. What at first might strike the eye as just another two dimensional pixel platformer is actually an enjoyable, engaging and challenging throwback to when the genre reigned supreme. Jump inside (mwahaha) for a trailer and more.

Whilst the nuances of modern design help Kero Blaster on its way, it, like the 20th century games it aspires to replicate, is bloody hard. Every jump requires patience and meticulous timing and while you'll tear your hair out as a result of slow reflexes and misadventure on several occasions and more, the moments of triumph make the hardship seem worthwhile. As far as these games go, Kero Blaster is definitely one of the best of the slew of modern incarnations, but, perhaps more importantly, it's also every bit as good as the author's perennial Cave Story. Plus it's all encompassed by a beautiful and catchy chiptune soundtrack:

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And frogs are cool, obviously. Which makes posting the Kermit the Frog meme seem all the more justified:

Kero Blaster is available on Steam for £6.99.

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