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Killbox construction kit Meet Your Maker is out now

Build and infiltrate death mazes

A screenshot from post-apocalyptic looter-shooter Meet Your Maker showing a robotic character outside one of the game's fortresses
Image credit: Behaviour Interactive

Meet Your Maker is out. The first-person shooter from the developers of Dead By Daylight is set in a post-apocalypse in which players alternately construct death mazes to protect their precious resources, and infiltrate the death mazes of others.

Here's the original announcement trailer from last year, which I still think is pretty neat:

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The precious resource everyone is trying to protect and steal is "pure genetic material," which is seemingly the secret to restoring life on earth. Probably folks should work together on that, but instead they have dedicated themselves to building vast, maze-like killboxes out of blocks, traps and mutant enemies. It's a little Orcs Must Die-ish, but it's other players who will eventually run through your creation - alone or in co-op - rather than NPC orcs.

There are some unusual systems within the level construction, such as the ability to record specific patrol routes for the AI enemies you place down. It's also not necessary for you to be online while other players run through your level, or vice versa.

Joining the two sides of the game together is the unlock system, as raiding enemy bases to steal genetic material also lets you pay for the traps, guards and weapons you'll use to defend your own bases.

Meet Your Make had a closed beta earlier this year, but is out now in full on Steam for £25/$30. Behaviour Interactive have outlined the post-launch roadmap which includes new traps, weapons and customisation options to come over the next three months.

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