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FPS deathtrap-builder Meet Your Maker celebrates its first big update with a free trial

Try it for free until July 3rd

A screenshot from post-apocalyptic looter-shooter Meet Your Maker showing a robotic character outside one of the game's fortresses
Image credit: Behaviour Interactive

Death maze construction shooter Meet Your Maker is now free to play until July 3rd to celebrate the release of its first major content drop. Entitled Sector 1: Dreadshore, the big free update adds a new coastal location that has an appropriately grim lighthouse in it. It also doubles up as a research facility used to experiment on prisoners, which sounds like the perfect place to build hard-to-enter mazes.

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The rest of the update adds cosmetics, weapons, traps, custodians, and guards for free and in paid packs. You can head to the official website for more details on all the new murder toys.

Meet Your Maker came out earlier this year from Behaviour Interactive, the studio behind the similarly gruesome multiplayer game Dead By Daylight. As previously mentioned, the game is split between creating your own elaborate levels and then infiltrating other players' ones, getting past mutant enemies, traps, and other deadly obstacles. So, you're literally meeting the makers. That’s all in an effort to steal and hoard “pure genetic material” - the resource used for unlocks.

Meet Your Maker is available to try for free on Steam until July 3rd. All you need to do is head to the game’s store page and hit download, no extra steps required. Should you enjoy the next few days of shooting and building, then the game is also discounted to £19/$22.50/€22.50, so you can continue the devious fun for cheap and carry over all of your progress. Normally, the game will set you back £25/$30/€30.

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