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Post-apocalyptic FPS Meet Your Maker is getting an open beta in February

Hailing from Dead By Daylight devs Behaviour Interactive

A screenshot from post-apocalyptic looter-shooter Meet Your Maker showing a robotic character outside one of the game's fortresses
Image credit: Behaviour Interactive

Cast your mind back to December's The Game Awards and you may remember post-apocalyptic FPS Meet Your Maker giving us a closer look at its intriguing combo of raiding and building. Now, developers Behaviour Interactive have announced the FPS will see an open beta from February 6th to February 13th on Steam, ahead of its release in April. You’ll need to construct your own outpost to ward off other intrepid players who’re after your genes to splice, and set off on your own incursions to try the same yourself.

Cover image for YouTube videoMeet Your Maker I Open Beta Trailer

Behaviour Interactive first revealed Meet Your Maker last August, and it’s something of a departure for the developer best known for Dead By Daylight. Set in a sci-fi world where every living thing that’s still left is after “pure genetic material” – whatever that actually means – you have to nab said resource to give to your pet Chimera. Chimeras are experiments created to save life on Earth, so that’s your motivation right there. Giving the Chimera genetic material lets you upgrade your traps, guards, weapons, and suits.

You’ll need to safeguard your collection of genetic material by building twisty-turny fortresses full of traps to fool other players, and foil their own attempts to protect their stock when you go on raids. Every level in the game is made by players, so you know who to blame if you get scuppered while you’re invading someone else’s manor. If you don’t fancy going it alone against massive, semi-robotic monstrosities in the admittedly intimidating post-apocalyptic world of Meet Your Maker then you can team up with a friend, to build and raid.

If you fancy giving all that a go for yourself, then you can download the beta direct from Steam and jump in from February 6th to 13th. As for its final release, that's currently set for April 4th.

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