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Killer Instinct On Win 10 With Cross-Platform Multiplayer

Dinosaurs and frost monsters

'90s fighting game Killer Instinct [official site] returned on Xbox One in 2013, through (I imagine) some combination of nostalgia and Microsoft wanting a fighting game series then realising they owned one through Rare. Now the monsters 'n' magic men punch 'em up revival is headed towards PC for Windows 10.

"We don't have any more to share at this time" said the terse announcement tweet. Okay then. A member of the dev team separately confirmed it'll support cross-platform multiplayer. No one says whether it'll be free-to-play, like it is on Xbox One, but I'd imagine so.

On Xbox One, Killer Instinct has a rotating lineup of free characters - a bit like a MOBA. Folks can unlock individual characters for keepsies for $5, or buy them in big bundles. They've steadily added new characters since launch, split up into 'seasons'. The game sells different costumes for pugilists too. I'd be surprised if it's not a similar system on PC.

The PC port is being made by the game's current developers Iron Galaxy studios, though it was initially made by Double Helix until Amazon bought the studio.

Anyway, here's explaining why its character lineup includes a cyberdinosaur:

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