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Bif! Pow! Killer Instinct Hits Windows 10 This Month

Free-to-play fighting

Microsoft have announced that free-to-play fighting game Killer Instinct [official site] will make the jumpkick from Xbox One to Windows on March 29th. It's been out on the black box since 2013, and this will support cross-platform multiplayer so folks on PC and Xbone can duff each other up. The Windows 10 release (yes, in the Windows Store) will come alongside the launch of Killer Instinct's Season 3 expansion, which adds more characters to the wacky lineup.

How wacky? Well, Killer Instinct has the usual fighting game assortment of monks, martial artists, and assassins, then chucks in an alien, a werewolf, a skeleton pirate, robots, a cybernetic dinosaur, a demon, and other oddities. Look, Killer Instinct started in the '90s.

Microsoft's revived Killer Instinct is currently in the care of Iron Galaxy Studios, the folks who made Divekick and, ah, ported Batman: Arkham Knight to PC. Hey, this surely can't turn out that bad. It's free to play, anyway.

On Xbone (and presumably PC), Killer Instinct has a rotating lineup of free fighters and lets folks pay to unlock characters permanently. Folks who've been playing on Xbone can access all their stuff in the PC version, an FAQ explains. That also says it'll support Xbox 360 fightsticks at launch, and will patch in Xbone stick support later. System requirements are listed there too.

Season 3's lineup of new characters includes an Arbiter from the world of Halo and Rash from ye olde Battletoads. The '90s, maaan.

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