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Know Your Roll: Dead State's Combat Video

Seeing the first footage of Dead State's zombie-smashing, looter-blasting turn-based combat might be the main draw of the video below, but it's the details that really captured my attention. I'm talking about toilet roll, "one of the ultimate luxury items", which the survivors risk their lives to nab from the backroom of a hardware store. Sure, they find food and some tools as well, but nothing makes them quite as happy as a tube of wipes. The small things are important because, as Mitsoda explains, "there's a morale drain everyday in the apocalypse". It's a little known fact that 'the apocalypse' is a locally used nickname for Milton Keynes. Watch.

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I wish shotguns were instantly fatal at point blank range in Dead State and that they fired confetti in real life, but I'm sure there are reasons why most of my wishes wither like windfallen apples on a desolate moor.

We've got an interview with Dead State's Mr Mitsoda coming up later on.

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