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Layers Of Fear is free for keepsies right nooOooOow


A houseful of hauntings can be had for free right now, as Bloober Team are giving away Layers Of Fear for keepsies for the next few days on Steam. It's a first-person spooker about a kooky-ooky painter who goes out his gourd trying to paint his masterpiece. Layers Of Fear is often a grab bag of clichés--dolls, shadowy figures crossing corridors ahead of you, jumpscares of terrible faces--that make it a bit hollow, but it does have some surprising and creative tricks particularly involving paintings. For free, sure, check out these spooky tricks.

You've got until Friday the 15th at 4pm (8am Pacific) to nab Layers Of Free for free. Head on over to Steam and click that "Install Game" button to register it to your account. It's not mega-amazing--Bloober's follow-up, Observer, was way better--but it has its moments.

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"Layers of Fear is an effective scare 'em up but the sense of dislocation and the lack of character development left me feeling as if I'd enjoyed a thematically messy series of shocks rather than a cohesive horror story," Adam said in his Layers Of Fear review. "It's a collection of scary things that are tangentially related to the idea of creative blocks and familial cruelty rather than an exploration of the artist or his personality flaws."

If you want a haunted house game that's also horrifying horror, Kitty Horroshow's Anatomy is magnificent--one of the best horror games, Adam will tell you--and only $3 on

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