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League of Legends: Best hotkeys and keybindings

Our guide to the most useful keybinds and hotkeys in League of Legends.

League of Legends is a classic case of “easy to play, hard to master”. It’s easy to play on a casual basis with some friends and have a bit of a laugh, but if you’re aiming to take things to the next level then it’s one of the most mechanically intensive titles out there.

It’s surprising how many players don’t deviate from the default keybinds and are completely unaware of just how much they’re hamstringing their performances in-game - and for no real good reason. League’s a game where a lot of little time-saving tricks can make a massive difference, from casting spells a split-second faster, to purchasing items from the store in an instant.

We’ve put together this page to help you eliminate all of the inefficient quirks that come with the default settings, as well as save you precious time when flinging skillshots and auto-attacks at enemies.

Best hotkeys and keybindings

Here’s a list of all the controls you’ll want to tinker with to optimise your playing style. It’s amazing how much of a difference some of these make, so don’t be afraid to try them out in-game. It may take some time getting used to, but trust us - stick with them and you'll notice a real difference in a short amount of time.

- Quick Casting -

This is an absolute game-changer, especially for those of you who’ve been playing the game long enough to know the range and effectiveness of your favourite Champion’s abilities.

Enabling quick-casting means that you won’t have those big templates show up every time you want to use an ability. Instead, all you’ll have to do is point your mouse in the direction you want to use the ability and it’ll cast straight away.

Here’s how to get it setup:

  • Press the [ESC] Key.
  • You’ll be met with a page that lists all of your ability and item keys.
  • Press either Quick Cast All or Normal Cast All and begin tweaking to your heart’s content.
  • Once you’ve got the perfect setup, make sure you hit Okay in the bottom right corner as this’ll save your settings.

- Self Cast -

Pressing [Alt] + Key will automatically cast an ability on yourself. This saves you from having to locate yourself in the cluster of a teamfight, and prevents you accidentally targeting an enemy or ally.

It’s crucial you get used to this keybind on Champions that benefit from shields or heals in particular!

- Right Clicking In The Shop -

A bit of a hidden feature this one. Instead of double-clicking to grab your gear, simply right click on it to purchase it instantly and save a bit of extra time in the process.

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- Auto Level Up -

Pressing [Ctrl] + Spell Key will automatically level up that ability, which could make all the difference if you’re in a tense situation as you won’t have to move your mouse to the small levelling icon and waste time.

If the default keybind isn’t to your liking, you can rebind it to something else in the settings. Choose something that feels comfortable and intuitive.

- Targeting Champions Only -

Again, this one’s quite sneaky. The keys [`] and [~] allow you to target champions only, which is fantastic when it comes to tower-diving enemies, or facing off in a lane filled with creeps where accidentally clicking on anything but an enemy could spell disaster.

Rebinding this is well worth your while, and if you’ve got a mouse with a couple of extra buttons, go ahead and rebind it to one of them.

- Finding Your Range -

Pressing [A] will show your auto-attack radius, which is especially useful when you’re playing an unfamiliar champion and you’re not quite sure how much range you’ve got to play around with.

What’s more, you can use this key to get the most value of your auto-attacks by harassing enemies at the farthest possible point - Caitlyn players take note.

- Portrait Casting -

If you're having trouble seeking out an ally in the centre of a chaotic brawl, you can click on their portrait before activating your ability to ensure that the ability hits them instead of anyone else.

That concludes the first edition of our hotkeys and keybinds guide, but feel free to let us know in the comments if we've missed any out and we'll include them on this page in the next update!

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