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League of Legends: How to increase Honor

Everything you need to know about the Honor system in League of Legends.

On top of League’s complicated Hextech Crafting system, there’s also an Honor system to take on board. It’s a way of rewarding players for playing matches to the best of their ability, with team members voting for those who stood out or fought bravely through a win or loss. Those who accrue a decent number of votes will be duly rewarded.

Honor Capsules containing Key Fragments, Random Ward Skins, Blue Essence and Champion Shards will be awarded to those who earn a decent number of votes over a few matches.

Receive votes and you’ll begin working towards an Honor ranking that peaks at level 5. As you rank up, you’ll again receive Key Fragments, Honor Capsules and even unique skins too. Basically, it pays to give your all in each match and be a generally agreeable teammate.

Below you’ll find our walkthrough which’ll explain what Honor is, how the Honor ranking system works, what rewards you’ll earn for reaching new ranks, and the best ways to level your Honor too.

What is Honor?

Honor is a progression system in League of Legends that rewards you for playing matches and standing out as a great teammate.

At the end of each match you can vote for a player that was particularly positive, regardless of whether or not the match resulted in a win or loss. Were they extremely friendly or a great shotcaller? Vote for them and they’ll receive Honor towards their Honor ranking.

Earn Honor with each match you play and you’ll eventually start getting rewarded for it. Honor Capsules, Honor Orbs, Key Fragments, Champion Shards, unique cosmetic rewards - they could all be yours if you play nicely and make a solid effort for the team.

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What are the Honor rewards?

You’ll start receiving rewards from Level 1, but true Honor rewards kick off at Level 3 with your first Honor Capsule.

Here’s what rewards you’ll receive as you gradually increase your Honor ranking.

  • Level 1 - 1 Key
  • Level 2 - 1 Key
  • Level 2 Checkpoints - 2 Key Fragments
  • Level 3 - 1 Honor Capsule (Contains 3 Key Fragments, Random Ward Skins, Blue Essence or Champion Shard)
  • Level 3 Checkpoints - 1 Honor Orb ( Contains 2 Key Fragments, Blue Essence or Champion Shard)
  • Level 4 - 1 Honor Capsule (Contains 4 Key Fragments, Random Emote and Champion Shard)
  • Level 4 Checkpoints - 1 Honor Orb (Contains 2 Key Fragments, Blue Essence or Champion Shard)
  • Level 5 - 1 Honor Capsule (Contains 5 Key Fragments, Medieval Twitch or Grey Warwick Skins, Random Emote or Ward Skin, Champion Shard)
  • Level 5 + - 1 Honor Orb ( Contains 3 Key Fragments, Blue Essence or Champion Shard)
  • Hit Level 3 and if the majority of your team honors you, your summoner name gets a special treatment, and you’ll get a special loading screen border too.

- Checkpoints are markers for how far you’ve progressed in a level. You’ll need to complete three in order to rank up fully, but you’ll receive rewards at each stage.

- Once you reach Level 5 Honor (the current maximum rank), you’ll still receive Orbs for honorable play, but you’ll stay at the same rank.

- It’s worth mentioning that you won’t need Keys to open Honor Capsules or Orbs!

- Your Honor ranking resets at the start of every season, but if you finished in the higher echelons, you’ll start out a bit higher than normal. If you were below Honor level 2, you’ll stay in the same spot at the start of the season.

Best way to level your Honor

There’s only really one way to reliably up your Honor ranking fast, and that’s to play each match to the best of your ability.

By playing each match to win and by displaying a generally positive attitude, you're more likely to be honored by teammates at the end of each game. Approach each match with a negative attitude - or just be toxic in general - and you definitely won't earn Honor points.

It's worth noting that you can't play with a friend and constantly Honor each other to build ranking, as it's an exploit that Riot have safeguarded against. Simply play the game loads, play it well and you'll start upping your Honor ranking over time.

It's a watertight system that can't be exploited and it's purposefully designed to take a while to max out, so don't get frustrated if it takes a little time to hit the highest Honor level.

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