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League of Legends: How to jump divisions

How to skip divisions in League of Legends.

If you’ve reached Summoner Level 30, then you’ll be eligible to take part in Ranked matches. This is where League of Legends shines and it’s tough not to be hooked in by the ranking system. Before you know it you’ll be dedicating all your spare time to winning more matches and climbing divisions.

There are a total of seven divisions and the more wins you earn, the faster you’ll climb the ranks. Go a huge undefeated run though, and there’s a chance you’ll skip divisions entirely. It’s all thanks to the game’s MMR system and of course, how well you’re performing in ranked matches - keep winning and you could shoot up the ranks faster than most.

Below we’ll give you a broad overview of how the ranked system works, as well as the MMR system which is crucial to skipping divisions in game.

So without further ado, here’s the process of climbing the ranked ladder in League of Legends.

How does the ranked system work?

Ranked becomes available to players who’ve reached Summoner Level 30 and own at least 16 champions. At the beginning of every season, the ranked ladder is reset and every player has to take part in 10 placement matches to determine what division they start in.

Once you’ve completed these placement matches, you’ll find yourself in one of seven divisions: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master and Challenger. Although having said this, you’re most likely to be placed in the first three.

Win matches and you’ll begin climbing the ladder, lose matches and you’ll begin sliding down it. If you’re inactive for a certain period of time, you’ll start a process called “decay” which means you’ll lose ranking points per-day until you get stuck into a match again.

Each ranked tier has 5 divisions, apart from Master and Challenger which are limited to 1.

To reach the next ranked tier (from Bronze to Silver), players will need to advance through divisions Bronze 5, to Bronze 1. Once they’ve ascended to the top of Bronze, they’ll be placed in a best of five promotion period. Win 3 out of 5 matches during this time and you’ll be placed in Silver 5.

Now we get onto what will determine your ability to skip divisions in League of Legends - MMR...

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What is MMR?

MMR stands for Match Making Rating and it’s the game’s way of determining player skill.

The higher your MMR, the more points you’ll earn for winning ranked matches. If you’re earning loads of LP (League Points) for each win, you know that you’re MMR is higher than the division you’re currently in. Of course, the opposite applies if your MMR is lower than the division or players you’re up against.

There are numerous sites like op.gg where you can view your MMR, but view your rating as a rough estimate, not one that's 100% accurate.

How do I skip divisions?

Division skipping occurs when your MMR is much higher than the division you’re currently placed in. Essentially, the game rates you as a much better player than those you’re facing currently.

You’ll know if your MMR is higher than everybody else because a win will grant you a decent amount of LP, and a loss will hardly make an impact. In simple terms, the game wants you to climb!

For example, someone with much higher MMR than everyone else in Silver 5 who then goes onto win all of their promotion matches may go straight to Silver 3 instead of Silver 4. If they continue in this fashion, skipping more divisions isn't out of the equation.

Unfortunately there’s no special trick to boosting your MMR in one fell swoop, so it’s a case of improving at the game enough that you’re simply outclassing everyone in your division.

Going on a huge win streak will certainly help your MMR climb, but it’s ultimately down to how you approach each game. Enter Summoner’s Rift with the intention of winning no matter the circumstances and always aim to learn from your mistakes and improve.

To help you win more games and increase your MMR, here are a few tips:

  • Play a champion and role that can have a real impact across the map. Mid lane, ADC or Jungle is a good bet as you can deal serious damage in teamfights if you begin ramping up and you can begin influencing other lanes too.
  • Play with a friend and you’ll naturally begin communicating important information between each other and it's easier to help one another out as well. This makes for better synergy which can lead to a huge advantage if you manage to secure some kills and start snowballing out of control.
  • Make sure you’re always letting your team know what’s going on in your lane and if you spot any other activity elsewhere. Do your best to get everyone on the same page.

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