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League Of Legends shows off Viego, the first of four new champions coming this year

The Ruined King gets his hands dirty

Riot Games have tossed out some details about what League Of Legends players can expect in 2021. The big ticket is four new champions coming throughout the year, kicking off with the Ruined King himself this month. Down the line, three other new champions will join the game as well, though their identities are still a bit of a secret.

Riot say that Viego the Ruined King, a jungler champion, is the first of the lot coming later this month. They've also revealed his set of abilities and he sounds, as I suppose royalty are wont to be, pretty possessive. Viego's "Sovereign’s Domination" ability temporarily controls an enemy champion that he's helped kill, giving him access to their items and abilities.

He's also got a camouflaging Black Mist that you can spot in the flashy cinematic that Riot released to herald his arrival. You can catch him actually wielding that Blade of the Ruined King in a bit of Riot's reveal video above.

After Viego, Riot hints at the three other new champions coming this year that are part of his story: a magic damage fighter with some kind of sewing theme, an artillery mage, and a marksman. They'll fill out the other League roles so that no matter how you play you should have a new champion to try out this year.

On the update side, they've shared a bit more about their work upgrading Dr. Mundo's look and skills. If you want a say in which champion gets tinkered with next year, you can vote on that in your League client until January 19th. You can throw in a vote for Udyr, Shyvana, Nocturne, Skarner, or Quinn.

If you're keen to study up on the king's kit before he drops in, you can find the details over on Riot's site.

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