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League of Legends: Odyssey Extraction Missions

Every mission introduced with Odyssey Extraction and their rewards.

League’s got a brand new PVE game mode called Odyssey Extraction and it’s one of the game’s most refreshing updates in months. Initially revealed with a superb animated short featuring Jinx, Malphite, Yasuo and more, you take on the role of space pirates out to conquer and alien planet and overcome the might of evil villain Kayn.

It’s the first game mode in League of Legend’s history which keeps your progression, so in many ways it functions more like a traditional RPG spliced with the core MOBA play we all know and love (sometimes anyway).

Play Odyssey Extraction enough and you’ll begin unlocking permanent augment upgrades for characters which act as special move-altering buffs. You can also unlock these through completing all new missions or challenges. Get assists, kill certain enemies, heal a specific amount and you may just complete a special mission and be rewarded with Augment unlocks, but also Odyssey Tokens and more.

Earn enough Odyssey Tokens and you can use them to craft special rewards like Masterwork Chests, Icons and Odyssey Orbs.

Below we’ve put together a list of all the missions available in Odyssey Extraction and what rewards they have to offer.

For a complete overview of League's Odyssey Extraction game mode, make sure you check out our Odyssey Extraction guide!

All Odyssey Extraction - Standard Missions List

You’ll be able to complete these missions in normal Summoner’s Rift matches and still earn Odyssey rewards, which is nice!

  • Welcome Aboard: Win 3 games AND Place a control ward in 5 different games - Reward: 10 Odyssey Tokens
  • Pew Pew Pew: Kill 2,000 minions and jungle monsters as a team OR Kill Baron twice as a team - Reward: 5 Odyssey Tokens
  • Protect the Crew:Heal 10,000 damage - Reward: 5 Odyssey Tokens
  • Bounty Hunting: Kill 2 dragons as a team AND Get 15 kills - Reward: 5 Odyssey Tokens
  • Advanced Teamness: Get 75 assists AND Destroy 25 towers as a team - Reward: 5 Odyssey Tokens
  • Now You’re Ready: Win a PvP game on Summoner’s Rift in under 30 minutes OR Win 4 games - Reward: 1,000 Blue Essence, 10 Odyssey Tokens

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Odyssey Extraction - Odyssey Missions list (Extraction Only)

These are specific to the Odyssey Extraction mode. Complete these and you’ll earn exclusive Odyssey rewards.

  • Answer the Call: Play Odyssey: Extraction - Reward: Odyssey Icon, Augment Slot
  • Blow Up Some Space Nerds: Kill 400 monsters as a team - Reward: Augment Slot
  • Extraction Complete: Defeat Kayn twice - Reward: Augment Slot
  • Doing Work: Heal 100,000 damage AND Deal 1,000,000 damage - Reward: Augment Slot
  • Blow Up More Space Nerds: Clear Odyssey: Extraction on Crewmember difficulty (or higher) AND Kill 1500 monsters as a team - Reward: 10 Odyssey Tokens, Augment Slot
  • Fend Them Off: Clear Intro difficulty or higher - Reward: Morning Star Crew Jacket (Right to Buy)*, 10 Odyssey Tokens
  • Feed the Bot: Clear Cadet difficulty or higher - Reward: 5 Odyssey Tokens, 500 Blue Essence
  • Discover the Source: Clear Crewmember difficulty or higher - Reward: 5 Odyssey Tokens, Random Champion Shard
  • The Crew: Clear any difficulty with the following characters: Jinx AND Malphite AND Yasuo - Reward: 10 Odyssey Tokens
  • The Recruits: Clear any difficulty with the following characters: Sona AND Ziggs - Reward: 10 Odyssey Tokens
  • No, I’M the Captain: Clear any difficulty with a team of 5 Yasuos - Reward: 1,000 Blue Essence
  • Hyper Punch Upgrade: Clear any difficulty as Malphite with Blade of the Ruined King AND Guinsoo’s Rageblade still equipped - Reward: 1,000 Blue Essence
  • Search and Destroy: Clear Captain difficulty or higher - Reward: Odyssey Recruit Emote, 10 Odyssey Tokens
  • Hyper Mode Engaged: Clear Onslaught difficulty - Reward: Space Lizard Icon
  • Perfect Composition (HARD): Clear Onslaught with all 5 people playing as the same character - Reward: Hextech Mystery Emote
  • Space Wizards’ Guild (HARD): Clear Onslaught with all 5 people playing as either Ziggs or Sona - Reward: Odyssey Orb
  • Morning Star Veterans (HARD): Clear Onslaught as a team without Sona or Ziggs, and only 1 Jinx - Reward: Odyssey Veteran Emote, Odyssey Veteran Icon
  • Planetary Legends (HARD): Clear Onslaught with each person having 4 or fewer Augments equipped - Reward: Odyssey Ziggs Skin Shard, Odyssey Ziggs Icon
  • Galactic Legends (VERY HARD): Clear Onslaught with each person having 3 or fewer Augments equipped - Reward: Golden Space Lizard Ward
  • Universal Legends (INSANE): Clear Onslaught with each person having 2 or fewer Augments equipped - Reward: Odyssey Gem, Odyssey Zenith Icon

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