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League Of Legends series Arcane premieres throughout November

Three weeks of Jinx and Vi

Yet another beefy trailer and launch date exploded out of Netflix's corner this weekend. Their upcoming animated series Arcane, set in the universe of Riot's League Of Legends, has gotten one of each. The new trailer down here digs into the dynamic between protagonist sisters Vi and Jinx. The release date, at least the first of them, is coming up pretty quick too, scheduled for November 6th.

"The show will explore the extremes our characters will go to when family and tradition are put at odds with their principles and beliefs," Netflix say. "Their personal struggles impact the world in ways they never expect and shape the future of the sister cities."

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"Players will see some familiar faces in Arcane, like Jinx, Vi, Jayce, and Caitlyn, and learn about the events that made them into the iconic champions we know today as we push their stories forward," Netflix also say. "Players will also be introduced to some new faces too, like Vander and Silco, who are both citizens of Zaun and play critical roles in shaping the evolving world."

Almost like back in yon olden days of television from my childhood, Arcane isn't launching all at once for you to hoover up on the 6th. It will be coming in three acts, three episodes apiece, throughout November.

The first act on November 6th will focus on "the very beginnings of the two sisters" Netflix say. Another three episodes will arrive as act two on November 13th with act three following on the 20th.

If you're looking to be there right when the curtain rolls, Arcane premieres on Netflix on November 6th at 7pm PT. That appears to be during the special week when the US and UK fall out of daylight savings alignment, tragically. If I've properly translated my star chart, that'll be 2am GMT on November 7th. Maybe.

Arcane is one of tons of game-related projects that Netflix currently have in the works. You can spot the ones you may have forgotten from their Netflix geeked showcase from June.

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