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Lego Batman 2's Dynamic Demo

No signal shone in the sky to announce the presence of a PC demo for Lego Batman 2 but I found it anyway, lurking over at the official website. The portion contained is the beginning of the game which means there's no chance to explore the Gotham hub, just a brick-bopping jaunt through the Man of the Year ceremony, where Bruce Wayne beats "some bald guy from Metropolis". Release is today in the US, the 22nd in the EU and the 27th in Australia. Obviously. We'll take a look as soon as possible. Here's the demo.

My reservations regarding the voices have been banished - they work wonderfully - and there are some fantastic touches, such as Batman's sensor suit showing the minifig skeletons of nearby enemies. There are also annoying and blatant invisible walls, as well as some unclear goals (maybe I'm just tired) but despite those quibbles I'm expecting greatness in the full game.

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