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LEGO Incredibles on the way? Not so much of a stretch

New kids on the block

The success of the LEGO games and films as a vehicle for legitimately good family comedy continues to be one of geekdom's most pleasantly inexplicable surprises. The LEGO Batman film had no right being so funny (or self-aware), and the LEGO Star Wars games even managed to make the prequel trilogy palatable.

As such, pairing Pixar's knack for visual comedy and TT Games' consistently solid game design seems a match made in heaven. Disney presumably agree, as the much-rumored LEGO Incredibles game seems just a little bit closer, thanks to a leak spotted at American retail-arcology chain Walmart. (Credit to LEGO blog The Brick Fan for that)

Everything about the leak makes sense, so there's not too much reason to doubt it. While no date is mentioned, it feels like this is timed to coincide with the long-awaited Incredibles sequel hitting cinemas, and fills in a blank spot in the otherwise constant LEGO release schedule. As their previous forays into the Marvel and DC universes have proved, superheroic conflict is a deep and rich vein of material to mine for block-based action, thanks to violence always seeming so childishly comedic and quaint when it's little plastic figures falling to pieces.

I do worry somewhat about how the art-style of the film (especially the wildly different character proportions) will transfer to the LEGO style, though. Just from the peek at the leaked ad, Mr Incredible looks more like a regular action figure with a LEGO head attached, while Elastigirl looks like someone just stretched out the legs and arms while keeping the rest of the model intact. Others feel like a more natural fit, but it's definitely stretching, if you'll pardon the reused pun.

As far as we know, TT (formerly Travelers Tales) Games are behind this one, and it'll be published under the Warner Bros' brand as part of their new overarching LEGO Games label. We don't have a firm date for the game, but I'd be surprised if it missed the marketing blitz of the film's June 14th release by more than a few weeks in either direction.

Of course, this isn't a 100% set-in-stone sourced rumour quite yet - the picture, while convincing, has no outside context and could be doctored - but it would seem a bit daft for anyone to even go to such lengths for something so mundane, but stranger things have happened. So, take it with a little pinch of terrible plastic salt that hurts if you step on it, but if you want to ask me? A summer release does feel likely.

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