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LEGO The Incredibles is out, but only in America for now

A series of very congested tubes

Oh, come on. I thought we were past this silliness. Three weeks is how long it will take for LEGO The Incredibles to make its way across from the US. Either this is a very slow download (oddly plausible), they're shipping the discs via an actual cargo ship, or they're ridiculously adhering to the (also absurdly delayed) UK film launch date. Either way, it's daft, and really shouldn't be happening. Ah well, at least the game looks neat, as you can see in the launch trailer within.

The LEGO Incredibles game spans the events of both movies, plus undoubtedly a few additional silly scenarios created specifically for the game, which explains why they don't want the two things launching on different days. As a counterpoint, however, I would submit YouTube and Twitch, both of which will be full of game footage completely spoiling the second film for anyone in the UK that wants to see the game in action, unless they want to throw copyright strikes at all of them. So, great move there, Warner Brothers. Shoulda let Dot make the calls.

Watch on YouTube

Personally, I feel that the LEGO games lost a bit of their charm when they started letting the characters talk instead of furiously trying to mime their way through dramatic encounters, but I'm weird like that. Still, this one looks like good fun, as are most of the other TT Games (formerly Traveller's Tales) LEGO titles. For anyone who hasn't tried them, they're family-friendly action adventures that go light on the difficulty in favour of lots of opportunities to goof off and play around with the scenery. Perfect parent/child bonding material, or just good for chill-out co-op.

LEGO: The Incredibles is available to purchase in the US for $40, or pre-purchase (due for launch on July 13th) in the UK for £35. Either way, you can find it on Steam.

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