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It's official: LEGO The Incredibles announced

Gasp! What a surprise!

The supervillains at TT Games at continuing their fiendish plot to turn the world's superheroes into virtual plastic. Having trapped Marvel and DC champions inside a string of games, now they're making LEGO The Incredibles to snare Pixar's heroes too. It'll do those usual TT LEGO fight-o-jump a things, this time with the combined superpowers of the Parr family. It'll will launch in a few months on the same day The Incredibles 2 hits cinemas, which disappointingly is one month late for us here in the UK. Ooh it's like the 90s all over again.

Today's announcement is no surprise, given that word of the game leaked a few weeks ago when ads went out early, but this follows the official sanctioned marketing schedule so you can watch this announcement trailer without worrying about upsetting Ian and Ian Warner, the delicate brothers.

Cover image for YouTube video

It'll be, like, another LEGO game? Doing those LEGO things. With different people. You know how it is. This isn't to dismiss it but, y'know, what can I say when they do what they do.

LEGO The Incredibles is due on June 15th in the USA, but it'll be July 13th in the UK. It's daft that the movie is one month late here, and even dafter that the game is following suit. I know movies aren't quite as onboard with release parity yet, but it's weird for a children's movie that will be the talk of the cybertown anyway. Weird. Marketing is weird. Hollywood is weird. Everything is weird. It's a weird day, okay.

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