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Baseball/fighting mash-up Lethal League gets a sequel

Like baseball, but deadly

Baseball is not usually my sport of choice, though I suppose everyone has to wear very tight trousers, so that’s nice. Lethal League, on the other hand, is very much my cup of tea, combining the smacking of baseballs with the smacking of humans, lizards and robots. And now it’s getting a semi-sequel in the form of [Lethal League Blaze, which ups the roster of playable characters, adds new modes and improves the graphics. See this blend of fighting game and brutal sports game in action below.

If you’re not familiar with the original, Lethal League is a fighting game where combatants use an anti-gravity baseball as a weapon instead of fists and feet. The goal is to simply smack your opponent in their grinning face with said ball, but they can deflect it right back at you if they time it right. The ball also picks up velocity during the back-and-forth, becoming harder to dodge unless you’re able to slow it down. It’s brilliant, and with four players, completely nuts.

Lethal League Blaze will introduce new playable characters, including the first game’s final boss; improved, high resolution graphics; a limited animation option, speeding up the action; and a bunch of new modes. Additionally, Team Reptile promises that Lethal League Blaze will continue their philosophy of “no weak shit”. OK, then.

Expect the sequel in 2018, but if you’re just not sure you can wait, there’s also going to be a beta with participants picked from Team Reptile’s Discord channel.

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