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Lethal League Looks Legendary, Out Soon

Not a baseball MOBA, for better or worse

Reptile Games' last game was Megabyte Punch, an absolutely excellent Smash Bros.-inspired robot beat 'em up. It got me very excited last year and rather interested in what the team would do next. Lethal League is that, a competitive "projectile fighting game" that uses an anti-gravity ball to knock out other players. The prototype has been available for some time and over the past few months they've shown it off at EVO and other fighting game tournaments. They've now made a new trailer to accompany their announcement that the game will be out on Steam on August 27th.

I've been looking for a new single-screen multiplayer game for a fortnightly LAN event I help run and this might be it. From the obviously high skill ceiling to the comedy asthetic it's perfect for the task. It looks equally suited to 1v1 competitive environments and a free for all party atmosphere.

The most recent playable builds have included five characters, each with different unique abilities: some can wall-hang or wall-jump, for example. Each has a super move that activates once they've hit the ball four times in a round. This might turn the ball invisible, or cause it to loop to the other side of the screen rather than bouncing off the edge of the stage. There's some mechanical changes too, with balls you've most recently hit no longer damaging you and new rounds spawning it closer to the player who lost last.

Plans for the future are up in the air until Reptile discover how well the game does. If there's want, they'll be developing additions to the roster and other improvements free of charge. Presumably that could also include new stages, though they've said the only differences between maps is height and width, with no interactive elements as those are "as fun as a drunken idiot interrupting your soccer game". Assuming reasonable price distribution it'll be around $13.99/£8.99/€10.49 come launch.

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