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Life Is Strange Director's Commentary Released

Plus more subtitles

As much as I like Life Is Strange [official site], I'll not pick up the episodic magiteen story's new boxed Limited Edition. I will, however, gladly reap the benefits of this gussied-up new release. A new patch is out now for everyone, bringing improved subtitles in loads more languages, for starters. The promised Director's Commentary is now here too, free for folks who own the game.

I'm a touch disappointed to find the Director's Commentary is an hour-long video documentary, split up into topics. I'd half-hoped for Valve-style nodes scattered through the game, with voices chiming in as I play to tell me about what I'm looking at and what's happening. But hey! I might have a watch some time anyway.

Installing it is a bit tricky. Head to Life Is Strange's entry in your Steam library, look for the DLC section, and tick the 'Life Is Strange - Director's Commentary' to start the 2.9GB download, then launch the doc from within the game. If you don't see that empty checkbox, try launching LIS then closing it; that made it show up for me.

As last night's patch notes explain, the new subtitle languages are German, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Mexican Spanish. Subtitle options have been expanded too, and apparently the patch fixes a few bugs across the game and all.

If you've not played it yet, hey, our Advent calendar entry sums up a load of our opinions, and Steam has a demo with a chunk from the first episode too.

I wonder how it feels to buy and play the whole game in one chunk, rather than waiting weeks and months between episodes. I did quite like the tension and reflection that enforced.

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