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Life Is Strange: True Colors is about literally world-shaking feelings

Like Deanna Troi, but useful

I thought I'd seen and played enough Life Is Strange games at this point that I'd be immune to its combination of teen melodrama, golden hour lighting and supernatural abilities. And then came the announcement trailer for Life Is Strange: True Colors, and nope, this still works on me. You can watch it below.

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New protagonist Alex Chen is a young woman with the ability to sense other people's emotions and the reason they're feeling them, and to adopt and change those feelings. When those feelings overwhelm her, she "loses control", with world-shaking consequences if the trailer above is any indication.

I'm guessing there are going to be some strong feelings given the game's plot. You might consider this a spoiler, so hey, stop reading now, but the trailer above explains that Alex is visiting her brother in the too-good-to-be-true town of Haven when, in mysterious circumstances, he dies. Naturally, you go looking for answers with some new pals.

Unlike the previous LIS games, True Colors isn't episodic, though apparently it'll have clearly defined chapters if you want to take breaks while playing. It's being developed by Deck Nine, the studio previously responsible for prequel Life Is Strange: Before The Storm. Which we liked, bar some spoilery reservations.

Life Is Strange: True Colors is coming to Steam on September 10th.

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