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Limbo is free for keepsies on the Epic Games Store right now


Spooky-ooky puzzle-platformer Limbo, the game our former Kieron (RPS in pieces) dismissed as "Rick Dangerous for Goths", is the latest giveaway on the Epic Games Store. Playdead's tale of an oft-eviscerated kid searching for his sister was very much part of the early-tensies contemporary canon. It's a game one could hardly help but own through some bundle or freebie, though now I imagine a fair few newcomers will have missed it and be curious, especially after playing Playdead's follow-up, Inside. So hey, if you want it, it's currently free.

Hie thee to the Epic Games Store to grab Limbo. You'll need an Epic Games account and their Launcher, obvs. You've got until 4pm next Thursday, July 23rd, to grab it.

After this, it looks like the next giveaway will be a double-header of Moonlighter and This War Of Mine. Epic are paying for all of these freebies out their own pocket, to get more people using their subpar store. I much prefer these juicy carrots to the cruel stick of exclusivity.

I might point you towards the Limbo review our former John (RPS in peace) wrote in 2011 for more on the game, though you'll be far more entertained by the follow-up. Karen Gillan gave John's chain a right good yank, declaring Limbo "Rick Dangerous for Goths". An excerpt from their bickering:

Kieron: As an aside, I'll admit that Limbo does its best to sell the joke – that its deaths are so well done tries to transfer death to a moment of joy.

John: Yes. Especially when you see entrails.

Kieron: But even then, I'm left rolling my eyes and thinking "Well done – you have complete control of reality and have managed to make me do something stupid. You must be a fucking genius! I'm so impressed. And with a dark and edgy aesthetic too!"

John: But that's the point! The whole game is about being controlled, about the mindlessness of going from left to right at any cost, for no purpose.

Kieron: So what?

John: The fact that you're dragging dead bodies to use as platforms in water before you reach any of the trial and error stuff – it's a really interesting statement on what we'll do to go from left to right.

Kieron: Or just gothic nonsense, seemingly powered and inspired by the same emotions which make kids tear legs off spiders.

John: See, it's too easy to say that. To sneer at the aesthetic because you don't like it messing with you just looks weak.

And then they talked about penises, because that was the done thing in 2011.

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