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Listen! The Rock, Paper, Shotcast Sputters Into Life

Podcast 2.0

The Electronic Wireless Show is dead. Long live the Rock, Paper, Shotcast.

Brand new! In theory weekly! More confused than ever because we thought conducting it via Skype was a good idea!

Jim, John and Alec are your talking-all-over-each-other hosts in this inaugural Shotcast. Discussed - videogames, mostly. Videogames like Wasteland 2, Diablo III, Mass Effect 3, Rochard, City of Heroes, Sins of A Dark Age, Natural Selection 2 and The Secret World. Also height, hair, crying, hot drinks and why John still can't accept that he's a bad healer even after all these years.

Right, if you'd like to listen to it right here, right now, here you go:

If you'd like to download it directly to some manner of device or just because you like keeping things, here you go.

Alternatively, you can grab it and former episodes of the late Electronic Wireless Show here. And, if you'd like to subscribe via iTunes (the worst piece of software in the known world), hopefully this should work. But it may not, because it's gone wrong in the past. We'll find some hammers to hit it with if it's still playing up though.

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