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Listen to RPS's brand new indie gaming podcast, Indiescovery

We chat about upcoming releases, monthly picks, hidden gems, and more.

Part of RPS’s goal is to shine a spotlight on every corner of the gaming peninsula, and a BIG part of that includes the incredible realm of indie games. In additional to our written work about the wonderful world of indie games, starting from now we'll also be doing that across the audio waves in the form of our brand new podcast, Indiescovery!

Indiescovery is the new sibling in the RPS podcast family and will sit snuggly next to Ultimate Audio Bang, and The Electronic Wireless Show, but our focus is strictly on the wonderful world of indie games. It’s best to think of the podcast as an extension of our Indiescovery tag on the site - although we've got the Indiescovery Podcast tag just for the pod, if you ever want to check all the episodes. Every episode video bud Liam, guides lass Rebecca and myself (reviews ranger Rachel) will highlight a bunch of cool indies and talk about why we love them. We'll be gabbing about the latest indie darlings, exciting upcoming releases, hidden gems lost to space and time, and more.

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In our first episode, Liam, Rebecca, and I cast our minds back through the last 12 months to chat about our favorite indies released in 2022. There were a lot but we've limited ourselves to 1 (!) each. We then dive into a quick-fire round of small indie game picks for some perfect Crimbo holiday gaming. Yes, it’s a little out of season but - cards on the table here - we recorded the episode as a tester just before the Christmas break and it went so well that we decided it would be our fist official episode! To end our audio debut, we chat about our current hyperfixations which include reccomendations from outside the gaming realm. This episode includes a cosy, nostalgic dating sim, a campy reality TV show about murder, and a mesmerizing TikTok cooking account.

If an hour of chatter about indies each fortnight sounds like something you'd like to listen to, then make sure you follow Indiescovery on any of the podascting apps listed below or if you’d like to listen to this weeks episode right now you can listen via the player below.

If you’d like to keep up-to-date with the podcast, the best way to do that would be to subscribe via your favourite podcatching app of choice. RSS feed, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Amazon Music, TuneIn, Deezer: get our chatter across the airwaves however you like.

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