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Lone Survivor Director's Cut Has A Predictable Release Date

Loner Survivoror

Accursed PlayStation-folk, they with the yawning vacuums where their souls should be, they whose only true pleasure in life is the taking of another's life, they who present daily offerings of slaughtered housecats to the eight-foot effigies of Aleister Crowley they keep in their bathrooms, they who only smile when watching news reports of ferry sinkings and plane crashes, have been enjoying the expanded Director's Cut of Lone Survivor for around a month. But what of PC players, those luminous beings, those modern-day angels, those champions of generosity and kindness, those guardians of love?

They've only got to wait until Halloween, it transpires. And, to reward them for their wondrousness, any of them who've already bought the original edition of the game will get the new version for free.

"I gave it a huge amount of thought", says dev Jasper Byrne of Superflat Games, "and eventually I realised I would rather just give the update away for FREE to all 800,000+ customers, to say thank you for your support… and that’s exactly what I'm going to do!"

(800,000 is a lot of people).

He will be raising the price of the game for new purchasers soon after release, however. Also announced is that saves will be transferable betwixt old and new versions of the game, which means you won't need to start over should you wish to explore the new items, puzzles, dialogue and revised conclusion in the Director's Cut. More exact details on those changes may be found a few pixels below this sentence. I'll use a trailer as a breakwater though, in case the flood of information is too much for your puny mortal mind.

general features:

whole new lighting engine, also supports 1 extra hardware light
many locations have additional lights and / or tweaked lighting
anamorphic lens flare for the flashlight
new sleeping and game over music
new title screen and game over screen
2 additional locations
hundreds of small bug fixes, balance tweaks and improvements
automatic monster-facing on gun-draw
a few small easter eggs
new short sidequest
ending ‘collection’
‘The Ritual’

specific to New Game+:

around 6 new locations
2 completely new endings
3 new songs
over 20 new items
2 new sidequests
new enemy
new dialogue for all characters in the game
many other easter eggs that are better left unspoilt

Again, that's out on Halloween, as I suspect will be an exhausting quantity of 'spooky' updates for existing games. /Grump.

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