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Lone Survivor Scares Up Steam Listing, New Ending

I love Lone Survivor. It reduced me to a whimpering pile of sweat and tears - much like all the other things I've ever loved. It was, in my eyes, a wonderfully complete and coherent experience, so any further additions are survival-horror-friendly gravy - which probably has, like, eyeballs in it or something. Creator Jasper Byrne, however, has seen fit to make a whole slew of tweaks en route to a Steam release (currently on sale for £5.59), dubbing the final product Lone Survivor Codename: Red. Chief among them? A new "red" ending, which will apparently become even more robust in a "yellow" update planned for release later this year.

You can check out the full (and fairly massive) changelog through the link, but a couple other standouts include ten percent slower increases in hunger and a clearer path to the can opener, because god damn it, I just wanted to eat my fruit salad.

Now then, a slight problem: the update's currently only available through Steam, and Byrne's attempting to get free Steam keys for all previous buyers. Otherwise, well, as he puts it: "This has been my biggest concern, and please believe me when I say I’m doing eveything I can to give you an easy way of getting it.  There is no way to get round the fact that I’m pretty much going to have to email several thousand people individually."

So here's hoping he figures something out. In the meantime, though, I highly, highly recommend that you delve into the slightly unsettling (but mostly incredible) fogs of Adam's lengthy interview with Byrne. It's chock full of interesting stuff, and part two - in all its spoilerific glory - is still on the way.

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