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Lords Of The Fallen Is Dark Souls Meets Borderlands...

There is scant information about there about Lords Of The Fallen, even though it was first announced (as Project RPG) a year ago. The game from The Deck 13, headed by former CD Projekt Red dev Tomasz Gop, doesn't have a website, nor even an entry in secret industry tome Gamespress. Yet the game that people seem to be pitching as a rival to The Witcher 3 has managed to produce some screenshots despite it all.

Gop was the producer on The Witcher 2, hence the implied rivalry. Developed for the last two years with City Interactive, it's to be an epic RPG that certainly seems to share a visual flair with Geralt's boobalicious adventures. However, OXM are reporting that it's supposed to be closer to a combination of Dark Souls and Borderlands. Huh. It was originally intended to be released this year, but is now certainly somewhere in 2014 and set for PC and the next gen consoles.

Previous snippets revealed about the game tell us that it's set in the usual medieval fantasy world that games are set in, this one ruled by a Fallen God. There are hints that it may lean toward action RPG, and strong suggestions that battling demons and big supernatural beasties will feature heavily. As VG247 reported a few days ago, the lead baldy-head character is called Harkyn, and should be fairly moldable to the player's whims. Said Hop,

"Harkyn is not your ordinary hero. Our team is committed to creating a distinct character and a gameplay experience unique to every player, as well as a deep, secretive history that players will be rewarded for upon discovering."

More details should hopefully appear this week. In the meantime, enjoy these screenshots. They get bigger when you click on them:

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