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Witcher Too: Former CDP Lead's New RPG At Deck 13

When I awoke this morning, I could feel a certain electricity in the air. The animals near my home tensed and mewed restlessly, and my left shoulder blade pulsated with a dull ache. I knew these signs. This day, I realized, would be very, very Witchy. Predictably, CD Projekt trotted out Geralt in all his finest freebies, and I figured - short of, perhaps, a minor fluctuation in Wichita, Kansas - that was it for the day. Then I came across this Digital Spy bit detailing a new project from former CD Projekt senior producer Tomasz Gop called "Project RPG." Today, it turned out, would also be very Project-y. What's it about? Check out this:

"The world is set 1,000 years after the death of a God, whose corpse is a mountain that splits the world into two sides, each with their own philosophy."

Ooh! More below.

Keeping with Gop's formidable lineage, Project RPG will be action-based, with a focus on skill and translating play style into a story that evolves accordingly. Combat apparently takes cues from Dark Souls and Batman: Arkham City, so I'm expecting high-velocity air-to-surface sky tackling and a fittingly somber, understated tone.

The story, meanwhile, will center around that mountain that's actually a long-dead god. As a result, the world's split into two conveniently ideologically opposed sides, and you - lacking the convenient out of multiple personality disorder - must pick one. Can you imagine, though, if this game let us play as the mountain? We could suture the world's strife-slashed heart and help people with their mundane day-to-day problems using avalanches. OK, yeah, I've been playing too many Molydeux games.

German studio Deck13's doing developmental honors, and City Interactive - of Sniper: Ghost Warrior fame - is publishing. It's headed our way "sometime in 2013."

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