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Lords Of The Fallen's latest update adds cruel modifiers that turn it into a roguelike

One for the masochists

Twisted monster with long silver hair stares down the two warriors in art for Lords Of The Fallen (2023)
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Lords Of The Fallen, an action RPG that was a mixture of fun and infuriating when it first launched, has received its final free update. It introduces the "Advanced Game Modifier System", which sounds like something creepy bachelors would pay an extraordinary monthly fee for. No, it doesn't provide terrible advice on how to talk to women. Instead, it allows you to customise LOTF with modifiers to turn it into a roguelike.

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If you've beaten Lords Of The Fallen, the new update is essentially a new game plus remixer. From a pool of seven modifiers, you can make the game easier, trickier, or randomise enemies if you like. And in a nice touch, you can reset these modifiers once you've rested at a vestige (bonfire), if you'd like to tweak those options.

As for those modifiers, randomised enemies makes it so that enemies encountered out in the world could be anything from a 70+ roster of nasties - bosses aren't included. Random loot spawns are as you'd expect, making "literally any weapon or armour" appear at any point in your playthrough. So, you could bump into something tremendous really early on… or the opposite.

The real 'treat', though, is the Ironman modifier. Pop this on and it'll make it so death in Umbral (after your second chance), means you'll be put right back at the beginning again. You'll at least keep your level and your inventory, so that's something. Combine Ironman with randomisers and you've got yourself a recipe for a challenging roguelike I won't be attempting any time soon. There's even a randomiser that reduces the number of rest spots, if you're so inclined.

I haven't played the game since I review it ages ago, but this new patch concludes the free update schedule. And the devs say that it's been hit with lots of quality of life updates, difficulty balancing, and significant performance improvements since it first launched. Hmmm, maybe it's worth a second shot.

You can find Lords Of The Fallen over on its Steam page.

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