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Lost Ark: Necromancer's Origin bosses and mechanics guide

Avoid Lost Ark's first wipe mechanic with this guide

Looking for help with the Necromancer’s Origin Abyssal Dungeon boss mechanics in Lost Ark? Necromancer’s Origin presents the first true challenge in Tier 1 of the Lost Ark endgame, combining wipe mechanics and soft enrage timers that will make any MMO veteran sweat. Necromancer’s Origin is more representative of the challenges to come than Demon Beast Canyon, but if you and your group can handle it, you can take on anything. If you and your team need a hand with the mechanics, or if you want to help your matchmade group survive, this guide is here to help.

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Lost Ark Necromancer's Origin: Reanimated Garum mechanics

Reanimated Garum is the first boss of Necromancer’s Origin and introduces the game’s first wipe mechanic. Most of Garum’s attacks are fairly telegraphed and easy to avoid. The challenge lies in the Death Marks.

Garum periodically releases a red pulse that applies a Death Mark to all players, signaled by a red dot floating over your head. These marks stack, and initially have no effect. However, if any player receives a fifth mark, the entire party instantly dies, and you will have to restart the fight.

Each time Garum applies the marks, a golden orb will appear in one corner of the arena, marked on your minimap with a gold dot. Interacting with the orb will consume it to clear all Death Marks from the player that uses it. However, each orb can only be used once, so your team needs to coordinate to keep anyone from hitting five Death Mark stacks.

The easiest way to do this is to assign everyone a number, one through four. Your party health bars on the left side of the screen already assign numbers, so you can use these to keep it simple. When the fight starts, have your party use the orb in numerical order, one through four, then repeat until the fight is finished. After the first cycle, you will know it is your turn when you reach four Death Mark stacks. As soon as that fourth mark appears over your head, go clear the debuff to keep your party alive.

Necromancer’s Origin Abyssal Dungeon: Sigmund the Immortal mechanics

Sigmund the Immortal presents players with their first “soft enrage timer.” If you’re not an MMO vet, this essentially means that Sigmund the Immortal gets more difficult the longer the fight drags on. And if you and your team don’t execute his mechanics correctly, that can be forever.

When Sigmund first approaches 0 HP, he will release either a red or white burst across the arena. At that moment, two orbs will appear in each corner of the arena, one red and one white. Your team must interact with each orb that matches the color of the burst. If done right, Sigmund will revive with around 1.5 million HP. If an orb is missed, or if anyone interacts with the wrong color, he will revive with far more.

Drop Sigmund down to 0 again, and this mechanic will repeat. If you execute properly again, Sigmund will die for good and the battle will end. If you fail, or if you failed the first round, he returns once more with even more health. Each time Sigmund revives, he gains damage and attack speed, making the fight more challenging. This is the enrage timer you are up against. The longer you let the fight go on, the harder it will be to survive. You will have to perform the mechanic correctly twice to kill Sigmund permanently.

The best way to tackle this mechanic is to assign each player a corner. When Sigmund “dies,” everyone should know exactly where to go, assuring that all four orbs are handled. I also recommend asking everyone to type the color of the burst in party chat to avoid any confusion. It is easier than you might think to miss the flash amidst the flurry of attacks and other particle effects. Save your team a headache and make sure everyone is on the same page. If you execute correctly, you will only need to deal with a single revive.

Sigmund also introduces players to their first real “stagger check.” Occasionally, Sigmund will begin charging a powerful area attack, drawing in energy from his surroundings. As soon as this happens, you will see a yellow bar appear under him. Your team must deal enough stagger damage to drain the bar, else Sigmund will release a huge shockwave that can potentially wipe your party. We recommend bringing Whirlwind Grenades for some extra stagger damage if things get dicey.

That’s everything you need to know about Necromancer’s Origin! These mechanics can look daunting if you go in blind, but once you understand what they ask of your team, they start to make sense. If you haven’t taken on Demon Beat Canyon yet, make sure you run it first to get used to Abyssal Dungeons and acquire some class Engraving gear. If you’re working on your alts, check out our Powerpass guide to speed things up. Our tier list can help you pick your classes if you’re undecided.

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