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Lost In Random's Dicey has big Elden Ring pot boy energy and I'm here for it

Cut from the same ceramic

One of the standouts from tonight's EA Play wasn't only WWE superstar Xavier Woods exuding astonishingly positive vibes, but those gameplay snippets of Lost In Random. It looks a bit good, doesn't it? I mean, the world looks gorgeous and the story seems cool and then there's Dicey. He's a sentient dice with spindly arms and legs who'll accompany you on your journey into the world of Random.

After careful analysis, I have concluded that Dicey is a good lad. This is because he strongly resembles the Pot Boys from Elden Ring. In fact, I'd say he's likely a relative. They share the same energy, after all. And I'm here for it.

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Normally these cutesy companions have a face. You know: a smile, some button eyes, an ickle wickle nosey wosey. All the key components for a successful plushie you'd be proud to bung on your desk, or on the shelf behind you so everyone can see it during Zoom calls.

Now Dicey doesn't pander to convention. Firstly, he is a dice that is also a cyclops. And secondly, he lacks a traditional eyelid. Instead, it's been flipped around so it rises from the bottom of his eye. Quite simply - maverick is built into his DNA.

I didn't think anyone could match Dicey's energy, but my mind suddenly turned to the pot boys from Elden Ring which Alice O said resembled a "marble penguin with comically long arms". They were those urns and vases you'd smash in Souls games that had been granted sentience by Lord Miyazaki so they could exact revenge on unsuspecting players. A truly exceptional way to transform a mundane ornament into a killing machine.

Urns with arms and legs amid overgrown ruins in an Elden Ring screenshot.
Dicey's definitely mates with these two.

But cute ones at that. Mainly because the internet granted them another form of life - the meme. God, there were so many lovely bits of fan art of these gangly pots turned charming. Honestly, I believe the same fate lies in store for Dicey. Judging by the Lost In Random gameplay shown off this evening, I can see people taking a real shine to this odd little cyclops-dice-with-arms-and-legs.

Especially as Dicey does this little jig at around 1:30 in the new trailer (shown in full above) as he feeds off energy cubes dropped by fallen enemies. Oh, and especially the way actually clings to your back when going up ladders. He's also quite vicious too, with the ability to drop bombs and even drop produce what looks like an electrified leash behind him. Let's hope the pot boys in Elden Ring aren't quite as handy as this, otherwise I think we're all in for a spot of trouble.

So to conclude, I think that Dicey is a nice lad and I really do appreciate his long arms and little legs. More games should give objects life and limbs as it's only really a net positive. Game designers, if you're reading this, could you give like, I don't know, an A4 sheet of paper the "diddy feet" treatment? Ta.

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