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Mafia III 1.01 Patch Fixes Framerates, Control Mapping

You've been framed

Mafia III [official site] might be a bit of a derivative drabfest, but the focus of ire from PC players has so far been on the lacking elements of the PC port. Framerates locked to 30, weird control mapping, and many crash bugs and dumb-ass AI. At least the first two of these issues have been addressed with a new patch.

To update your copy of Mafia III, you need to quit out of the game, head to your Steam Downloads page, and install the awaiting update. This will, once you're in-game, allow you to change your framerate to 30, 60 or unlimited, from within the game's display options.

It will also, unfortunately, reset all your previous control remapping, meaning if you'd previously amended its default design to something usable by players with only two hands, you'll need to do that all over again. It has, however, made some common sense changes, like having getting into cars be on E as well as absolutely every other interaction, rather than barmily assigning it to F. They've also moved most the other controls to default to the left side of your keyboard, including confusing me by coincidentally picking V for intel view, as I'd picked before. The slight downside being that when I now try to reassign moving bodies to B, the game crashes. Sigh.

They've also rejigged the menu for setting controls, so it's no longer in five hundred and seventeen different screens, but rather one long scrolling list. Sadly, however, the main options window is still deep inside that daft slide show of an Escape menu.

The launch window's display settings have no effect - I don't know if this was the case before, but it sure is now. I set my settings before launching, which it entirely ignored and then I set them again from inside the game. They would probably want to address this next, before the promised inclusion of options to change the clothes you're wearing.

More patches are due, they say. Presumably players will let them know in no uncertain terms what key issues 1.01 failed to address.

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