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Mark Of The Ninja: Remastered sneaking onto PC too

Go ninja! Go ninja! Go!

Swell side-scrolling stealth game Mark Of The Ninja is being snazzed up for the release of a 'Remastered' edition. The game is largely hidden in the shadows for now, but developers Klei Entertainment say it "will feature fully redone 4K visuals for both gameplay and cutscenes along with enhanced audio and new particle effects". Having announced Mark Of The Ninja: Remastered for Nintendo Switch last week, Klei last night confirmed that yup, it is coming to PC too. Here, see this cinematic trailer.

As I said, the game's cloaked in shadows. But it's building on solid foundations - one of the best stealth games, our Adam will tell you:

"Mark of the Ninja is so brilliantly designed that, fittingly, its quiet revolution could almost go unnoticed. It's a side-scrolling stealth game that allows for lethal, non-lethal and unseen approaches to its levels, and while the seamless nature of control, information and interface seem like they might have been refined for a generation or more, the game seems to have crept into the world fully-formed. Some of the ideas, such as the visible audio cues and lines of sight, have precedent in other stealth games, notably Metal Gear Solid, but Klei have reinvented or elaborated on every inspiration."

Mark Of The Ninja was first released in 2012. Yes, this new release will also include the new character and bits from 2013's Special Edition. No, I do not know if Klei will offer it as paid upgrade for current owners, or give a discount, or anything. I wouldn't be surprised if they do make it cheaper for current ninjas, as they tend to do right by people.

The Switch edition of Mark Of The Ninja: Remastered is due at the end of 2018, some time from October onwards, so I imagine it'll be on PC around or after then.

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