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Mass Effect Andromeda: melee crafting and renaming

If I had a Warrhammer...

Hello. I am OSTENSIBLY writing this news post to tell you that Mass Effect Andromeda [official site] will have dedicated melee weapon slots and you can craft and name weapons to put in those slots but SECRETLY* to let you know that IF I do deign to play Massdromeda there will DEFINITELY be a thing called a WARRHAMMER in my game.

And NO, I will not lay off the CAPSLOCK.

Anyhoodle, if you want the fact parts of this news story, the game's lead designer Ian S Frazier tweeted a couple of bits of info about said melee shenanigans earlier:

There was also this as a further observation from senior designer Justin Perez:

Something which periodically occurs to me when playing games with dedicated melee weaponry is that actually there is a lot which can be used as a melee weapon that those games tend to ignore. I mean, sure I COULD craft a Krogan hammer and faff about with all of that business but Ben Mitchell Killed Heather Trott with a picture frame in EastEnders. In Corrie, Tracy Barlow offed Charlie Stubbs with an ornament and, in a separate EastEnders incident, Steve bashed Saskia with an ASHTRAY.

Obviously I am now looking at the Pathfinder quarters from that Tempest video to see what I could use to murder errant crew members as part of a Mass Effect soap opera. Most things are disappointingly unwieldy or part of the walls/existing furniture so it would be a pain to bludgeon someone in the heat of the moment. Perhaps this is a sign that humanity will learn valuable lessons from soap operas in years to come.

Anyway. Warrhammers. Good. Fine. Carry on.

Mass Effect Andromeda is out in the US on 21 March and 23 March for Europe, EastEnders airs most weekdays on BBC 1 in the UK and I think Corrie is Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on ITV. If you're more interested in murders Silent Witness is on at 9pm on Wednesday on BBC1 and ITV has Midsomer Murders from 8pm also on Wednesday. The latter are both kind of phoning it in right now if the last few episodes are anything to go by. Also Jones nearly got killed when a murderer accidentally credited him with more intelligence than he has.

*Maybe I should have put the secret part after the jump.

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