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Mass Effect's Shepard Pops Back To Say Goodbye

Right in 'the feelings'

Mass Effect won't be the same without Shepard, will it? All things pass, and all flesh is grass (or cybergrass), but I'll miss the old girl. Still, she has come back one last (?) time in a short video to say goodbye and hand over to... whoever the hero of Mass Effect Andromeda [official site] will be. Casting suggestion, BioWare: that there Jennifer Hale is great, isn't she?

This short vid was released on Saturday for this year's N7 Day, BioWare's annual Mass Effect fan love-in. There's no gameplay from Andromeda here, just what I understand is known to the youth of today as "the feelsings."

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I got goosebumps, but I'm easy to manipulate - as stony as I am, play soaring orchestral music and I'll get misty-eyed over someone reading their shopping list out loud in the the supermarket's veg aisle. It's dangerous this time of year, when Christmas music is piped in. "Shallots..." they whisper, leaving it hanging, and I bite my lip to force the tears back inside

Mass Effect Andromeda, if you've missed the fuss, is blasting off into a new galaxy long after the original trilogy, and... we don't know much more than that. Except a new Mako to drive around in, ME3-ish combat, and probably no familiar faces. It's due towards the end of 2016, so I suppose we'll start seeing more of it in the months ahead. For now, you might also dig the concept art in here and these motivational posters.

"What even is rocket?" they mutter as the Carol of the Bells stirs and I fall to the floor weeping and wailing. I am now banned from two Scotmids, the Marks & Sparks in the train station, and the big Tesco.

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