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Squad goals: Mass Effect: Andromeda intros teammates

Got the squad on speed dial

Mass Effect: Andromeda's [official site] trailers and pre-game bumf have thus far made me feel a bit like when you're trying to get in the mood for Christmas but you never quite get anything to feel magical. This latest cinematic trailer has been like when someone shoves a mug of mulled wine into your hands and the cinnamony, red winey scent gives you a glimpse of... something in the right ballpark, you know?

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As Graham pointed out in the Treehouse chatroom it's packed to the brim with trailer clichés and the like, plus I'm still a bit "Oh, I'd forgotten about you" whenever the camera pans over to protagonist Johnny Normalman. Bu I also think that the sheer videogame trailer-ness of it all is what's making me perk up a bit with regard to Andromeda. We're in familiar territory at this point, and it's closer to a pair of slippers I might put on again to see if they're still comfy.

This post is brought to you by the Lacklustre Analogy Society, by the way.

Anyway, as per the blurb:

"The new cinematic character trailer offers a glimpse at Pathfinder Ryder’s squadmates and allies in their search for humanity’s new home. The explorers find a little more than they bargained for, however, the dangerous Kett Archon demonstrates that the uncharted Andromeda galaxy is also full of new perils and threats."

There was also a video about the Pathfinder team. Mostly I just like the look of the galactic map in this one because I'm a bit "meh" on the whole briefing aspect of the marketing campaign for this one.

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The game itself will be arriving 21 March in North America and 23 March in Europe. Someone in the comments on a previous story was asking about other regions so I'll link to the official blog entry for those in case you're based elsewhere.

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