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Meet The Actor: Gun Monkeys Gets Kevin

Are you Slightly Old? And British? And of broadly good humour? Then you will doubtless be at least passingly familiar with the work of The Actor Kevin Eldon, quiet mainstay of some of this nation's greatest televisual comedy. As well as Brass Eye, Alan Partridge, Nighty Night, The IT Crowd and more, he can now add Size Five Games' Gun Monkeys to his CV. Witness a sad lack of weak lemon drink references, but a positive bounty of warm, chummy tones, below.

If you for any reason doubt that this is indeed the real Kevin Eldon, here's a picture of Size Five's Dan Marshall trying to be bezzie mates with him during the recording session:

(Via Dan's Twitter)

Gun Monkeys, from the studio behind the Ben & Dan games and Privates, came out on Friday. Have you played it? I haven't. Too busy trying to keep a baby alive/clean, you see. Shooting a monkey or two would probably do wonders for my mood, however.

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