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Meet The Overlad

For a while, I wasn't sure what story could possibly be safely posted on top of an interview with Dr Derek Smart. All things pale, right?

Hmm. A video should be okay. Just a nice video about a videogame, to ease us all on.

Oh dear. It's a video about a bad-tempered megalomaniac wreaking destruction and torment upon all and sundry. This is going to be really, horribly misinterpreted by someone, isn't it?

I'M JOKING! JOKING. It was just too hard to resist making the gag. Oh, you guys.

The video in question, which you can watch with your ocular eyes below, is a good old chunk of footage and information about strategy-RPG-thumpy-thing Overlord II. It's a game I'm quietly looking forward to, even if I'm not predicting game of the year territory. The first one made some fairly critical design mistakes, but I still thought it was a delightful concept realised with genuine panache. I'm hoping that the mere fact of it making it to sequel stage is proof positive they know how to make it better, and fully intend to.

Here video here:

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So, let's recap, shall we?
- It's now truly about being evil, as opposed to the first game's A Little Bit Nasty, And Occasionally Quite Good If There Was Money In It. Which is what you want, really - I'm getting rather bored of harsh Manichean moral dichotomies in my videogames. Getting rid of all the chin-rubbing moral weighing-up in favour of being a proper cartoon supervillain hugely appeals.
- Overlad! Overlord Jr! Cute as a demonic button! This bodes well. Though frankly it's a real shame the game isn't called Overlord II: Overlad.
- Looks as though there'll be rather more freedom of movement than the first game's restrictive pathways. Overlord always had a certain amount in common with Fable, and perhaps unsurprisingly Overlord II seems a little like the less claustrophobic Fable II.

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